Consulting Services
OPD is a full-service management consulting firm providing state-of-the-art programs and services in the areas of 360 feedback, executive coaching, personnel selection, career management, training, and health promotion.

OPD Products & Software
OPD is a recognized leader in providing both customized and off-the-shelf products and Windows-based software in the areas of 360 feedback systems, leadership assessment, management practices, supervisory skills, career development, and stress/health management.

Sample Feedback Reports
Preview sample feedback reports for our Manager View/360, Performance View/360 and the managerial Inbasket Simulation software products.

Software Downloads
Download the latest software systems for our 360 and Managerial In-Basket Simulation products.

Software Manuals
Download documents providing installation, administration and validation information to support 360 and Managerial In-Basket Simulation products.

Software Authorizations
Provides access to software authorizations on-line for the Managerial In-Basket Simulation.

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