Software: Size:
Manager View/360 Software System 6293k
Performance View/360 Software System 3281k
In-basket Feedback Reporter Software 6765k
NOTE: Use of the In-basket Feedback Reporter, Manager View/360, or Performance View/360 software systems require purchase of password authorizations prior to data entry and report generation for any individual.

Software Information
The In-basket Feedback Reporter software generates comprehensive feedback reports summarizing strengths and development areas for each of the eight critical competencies assessed by the OPD In-basket simulation based on scores derived from the hand-scoring key. Executive View 360, Manager View 360 and Performance View 360 are a complete 360-degree feedback software systems that allow for questionnaire reproduction, data entry, scoring, and report generation on twenty critical managerial competencies.

Additional information about purchasing, obtaining password authorizations, or obtaining documentation to support these assessment products and software is available after completing the download process.

Downloading Hints
To help you with the software downloading process for either the In-basket Feedback Reporter, Executive View 360, Manager View 360, or Performance View 360, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Note the directory to which the setup file is downloaded. This varies from computer to computer and depends on how you have set-up your Internet browser.
  2. After you download the file and exit from your Internet browser, use your File Manager to locate the file you just downloaded. Place your cursor on the file name and double-click your mouse. This will start the installation procedure.
  3. The default installation procedure places the application files in the following directories:
    In-basket Feedback ReporterC:\OPD\Inbasket
    Manager View 360C:\Viewsuite\MV360
    PerformanceView 360C:\Viewsuite\PV360
  4. If you are using an older modem and you have a good connection, you can expect it will take approximately 30 minutes to download each of these software programs. If you encounter problems with your download process, please email us at: for help.

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