Identify effective managers……before you make hiring and promotional decisions

Whether you are hiring, training or coaching, you’ll find several uses for this supervisory and management assessment instrument.  Validated against actual performance, this work sample simulation lets you accurately measure competencies critical to success in supervisors and managers.

Predict supervisory and management performance

Many things aren’t easily measured in an interview or resume—how people solve problems, make decisions, or how they plan and delegate.  The Inbasket Simulation provides a realistic experience that has people demonstrate actual skills and abilities critical to effective performance.  This supervisory and management simulation brings additional objectivity to new hire and promotional decisions. 

Measure skills critical to supervisory and management success

Based on job analyses of supervisory and management positions in diverse industries, the Inbasket Simulation measures eight job related competencies: Initiative, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Planning/Organizing, Delegation, Administrative Control, Problem Analysis, Judgment, Decisiveness.

Sample Graph from the In-Basket Internet Reporter Program:

In addition, two versions of the Inbasket Simulation are available; one for service industries and the other for production or manufacturing industries.

Invest just $45.00—and 90 minutes—per person

The Inbasket Simulation costs a little as $45.00.  And it takes just 90 minutes.

With the aid of background information on a fictitious organization, the participant assumes the role of a new manager and is asked to respond to 23 specific letters, memos, reports, requests, telephone messages, customer complaints, personnel issues, and problems that have accumulated on a predecessor’s desk.  The participant must make plan activities, delegate assignments, make decisions, take action, initiate meetings, resolve personnel issues and customer complaints and analyze information under time pressure.

You can score the Inbasket Simulation on your own with our competency-based scoring key and print out a complete report with our Internet based feedback report system.  Or you can mail the participant’s Inbasket materials to us and we’ll score it and send you the report.

The Inbasket Simulation professional feedback report gives you a comprehensive summary of the participant’s strengths in each of the 8 competency areas.  The narrative section of the report includes suggestions for development and resources for enhancing effectiveness. And the Inbasket feedback report can be easily branded with your logo on the cover and can be based on your own norms file or include customized developmental suggestions for each of the eight competencies being assessed!

Improve your chances of selecting and promoting effective supervisors and managers

In a highly competitive market you can’t afford constant turnover.  The Inbasket Simulation increases odds that you’ll make the right hiring and promotional decisions—the first time around.  The Inbasket Simulation has established reliability and has been shown to predict supervisory and managerial effectiveness in published studies.  It meets all legal standards for employment testing and demonstrates no adverse impact.  It can give you an objective evaluation that can supplement references, resumes, interviews and instincts.

Order the Inbasket Simulation today and use it not only for selection and promotion decisions but also for coaching, developing and training your current supervisors and managers.  The Inbasket is an excellent tool for assessing critical strengths and identifying development areas to enhance the effectives of your current management team.

Servcom Service In-Basket/Scoring Key $45.00
Hutec Production In-Basket/Scoring Key $45.00
OPD Scoring/Feedback Report Service $55.00
In-Basket Feedback Web Reporter Authorizations $15.00

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