Supervisor/Manager Position


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Understands and can apply financial information and data. Demonstrates the ability to develop & monitor budgets and accounting systems. Demonstrates the ability to use appropriate PC spreadsheet software programs to track and analyze financial information.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Conducts effective recruiting, interviewing and selection. Understands organizational and personnel policies and procedures. Monitors and provides timely feedback on performance. Ensures timely and effective resolution of conflicts and performance problems. Conducts formal performance evaluation meetings with the employee. Maintains employee records. Conducts effective staff meetings. Delegates, removes obstacles, and contributes needed resources, and monitors progress.

PLANNING/ORGANIZATION: Ability to effectively schedule time, personnel, and resources to establish a course of action to accomplish specific goals, tasks, and assignments. Allocates human, material, financial, and technological resources. Handles multiple demands and competing priorities.

COACHING/DEVELOPMENT: Ensures employees receive/attend technical and outside training courses. Gives timely, specific, and helpful coaching and on-the-job training to each employee. Enhances employee's skills and knowledge by planning and implementing effective developmental activities. Accurately assesses employee's strengths and development needs. Takes an active interest in the career development of each employee.

PROBLEM ANALYSIS: Demonstrates the ability to identify causes of problems and issues in a situation. Generates practical solutions and makes high quality and timely decisions. Effectively utilizes technical data and research for decision-making. Utilizes mental models for understanding clients, assessing sales interactions, conflicts and overcoming obstacles. Accurately identifies and qualifies unlikely or high-risk sales situations and avoids or minimizes time spent on them.


LEADERSHIP: Builds effective teams committed to organizational goals. Gains support and commitment to the mission, vision and values of the organization. Provides clear direction and priorities. Inspires, motivates, and mobilizes individuals and teams to take action. Involves the employee in decision making, problem solving, and planning processes.

TEAMWORK/COLLABORATION: Demonstrates the ability to work in a collaborative manner with clients and colleagues. Seeks to genuinely understand and empathize with the client's situation, feelings, needs and perspective. Treats clients and colleagues with sensitivity, courtesy and respect. Cultivates and builds long-term, trusting, and collaborative client relationships.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Demonstrates the ability to effectively resolve interpersonal differences and manage conflict with others. Brings interpersonal conflicts into the open and attempts to resolve them collaboratively. Seeks "win-win" solutions for all individuals.

COMMUNICATION: Speaks and conveys written and verbal thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. Expresses ideas effectively and persuasively in individual and group situations. Demonstrates attention to and conveys understanding of others through active listening. Communicates information clearly and in a timely manner in all written memos, email, reports, and documentation.


INTERPERSONAL SENSITIVITY: Demonstrates understanding and consideration for the opinions, feelings, and needs of others. Treats others with courtesy and respect. Modifies behavior as appropriate to facilitate effective relations with persons of different backgrounds and work styles.

STRESS TOLERANCE: Demonstrates the ability to understand client preferences and style and adapts his/her approach to suit this. Ability to maintain a high level of performance and well being under work pressure, challenge, change, and ambiguity. Ability to adjust and maintain effectiveness in the face of multiple demands, interpersonal challenges, and changes. Demonstrates resilience in the face of time pressure, interpersonal challenge, or adversity.

CREATIVITY: Ability to generate new and sustainable methods, approaches and solutions. Takes, encourages, and supports prudent risks and change to achieve improved results.

SELF-DEVELOPMENT: Ability to pursue continuous education, training, and development to expand current knowledge, skills, and abilities to expand his/her level of competence and mastery. Actively solicits and demonstrates a willingness to accept constructive feedback without becoming defensive. Consistently evaluates his/her performance and uses feedback for tactical course corrections and sales effectiveness.


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