Improve Your Interview Process
Conduct better interviews using our cost-effective structured behavioral interview guides. Compare candidates fairly while increasing your ability to predict future performance!

Our Competency Based Structured Behavioral Interview Guides help the interviewer make informed hiring decisions by:

  • Providing a structure to the interview guide to ensure standardization
  • Providing a focus on job related competencies
  • Providing a behavioral focus on relevant past achievements and accomplishments that best predict future performance

Our Competency Based Structured Behavioral Interview Guides help the employer to:

  • Improve the quality of your selection decisions: The predictive validity of competency based structured behavioral interviews is significantly enhanced compared to unstructured and psychologically oriented interview approaches
  • Increase fairness: Using a standardized set of behaviorally oriented questions measuring specific job related competencies and behaviorally anchored rating scales ensures consistency and fairness
  • Decrease legal liability: Competency focus ensures that job related questions can be linked to your job analysis resulting in less adverse impact, increase of diversity in hiring, and better documentation of the interview process
  • Lower costs and time: Minimize interviewer preparation, training and turnover resulting in organizational cost savings

OPD Structured Behavioral Interview Guides
We offer standardized competency based structured behavioral interview guides for various jobs across all industries. If your needs are specific, our industrial psychologists can design a customized competency based behavioral interview guide to help you select the best candidate for the job based on a systematic job analysis procedure. Contact us for more information!

The OPD competency based structured behavioral interview guides are available for use in your selection process and can be reused. Each guide consists of:

  • Administration instructions that help the interviewer define the appropriate competencies to focus on during the interview process
  • An introductory script to introduce the behavioral interview process to the candidate and help put them at ease
  • Approximately 3 to 5 proven behavioral interview questions targeted to each job related competency
  • Behaviorally anchored rating scales to fairly judge and evaluate candidate responses
  • Means of documenting interview notes and recording candidate scores (competency scores and an overall interview rating score)


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Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Supervisor/Manager Sales/Account Representative
Customer Service Professional/Technical

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Interview Kit $55.00
Supervisor/Manager Interview Kit $55.00
Sales/Account Representative Interview Kit $55.00
Customer Service Interview Kit $55.00
Professional/Technical Interview Kit $55.00

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